Our Services

We specialize in fine furniture, doors, windows, and architectural pieces.

What You Should Know About Us.

  • ALL work is done in house, on premises.
  • Custom furniture made to order.
  • We are fully insured.

Lead Paint?

  • Licensed/certified EPA lead paint removal professionals. All items painted prior to 1978 have lead paint, requiring special handling.

Caning: All sizes and types.

Repairs: Expertly done, usually with reinforcement providing a stronger bond.

Refinishing: Using only high grade commercial finishing products unless another is preferred by client.

Stripping:  Done by non-invasive flow method, NO damage to wood. Stripping billed by the square foot.



Remove existing finish/paint to the original wood, either by hand or by environmental friendly paint/varnish stripper.


Scratches, broken or missing pieces, replacement of hardware, replacement of missing veneer, conserving original finishes


Sanding, staining, primer and final finish.

Custom Made Furniture

Gives us your ideas or designs and we can build it for you. Above dinning table made to sit 8 using African Mahogany.

Contact Us

Have questions about how our refinishing processes work? Do you have a piece of history that you need restored? Drop us a message below and we will get back to you shortly.