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The Refinishing Oracle stands as the premier team of Furniture Refinishers in the South Shore of MA, dedicated to delivering top-notch furniture repairs, refinishing, and restoration solutions. When it comes to pricing, the Refinishing Oracle Services remains highly competitive within the industry. However, what truly sets us apart is our unparalleled customer service, exceptional work ethic, and unwavering professionalism. Make the smart choice for all your furniture-related needs with the Refinishing Oracle.

Reviving the Past, Preserving the Beauty: Unleashing the Potential of Your Treasured Finds!

At the Refinishing Oracle (TRO) we specialize in the art of transformation. We repair, renovate, refinish, restore, and recycle with unmatched passion and expertise. Our mission? To breathe new life into your beloved heirlooms, captivating antiques, and remarkable discoveries from estate sales, consignment shops, flea markets, or yard sales.

We cherished craftsmanship and honored the echoes of time. With our skilled artisans and meticulous attention to detail, we go beyond superficial fixes and delve into the soul of each piece. We embrace the challenge of revealing the hidden beauty within, allowing your timeworn furniture to transcend the limitations of age.

Our Services


Furniture Repair

If you’re in need of furniture repairs, look no further. Our expert team of skilled craftsmen specializes in restoring and repairing all types of furniture, from antique pieces to modern designs.

Furniture Restoration

At our workshop, we specialize in the art of furniture restoration. Our mission goes beyond the mere act of reviving worn-out furniture; we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment through our restoration practices.

Furniture Refinishing

In addition to restoration, we also excel in furniture refinishing, where we enhance the appearance of pieces without altering their original design.

Furniture Repurposing

Furthermore, we take pride in our furniture repurposing efforts. Instead of allowing outdated or unused furniture to languish in storage or end up in landfills, we re-imagine their purpose.

Client Testimonials

When we were looking for someone to refinish and repair my grandfathers desk we knew we had to choose wisely. When we found George and Maria we knew they would be perfect for the job! Their attention to detail and communication made the process seamless and pleasurable. The desk came out beautiful and just what we were looking for! We are so happy with the finished product. Thank you George and Maria. I highly recommend the refinishing oracle for any of your furniture needs.

Hailey Brent

George did an amazing job refinishing our Eldred Wheeler huntboard. While wrapped in bubble wrap, the finish was badly damaged from plastic residue which transferred and left large round spots covering the piece. After quite an effort, George restored our huntboard to its original beauty. We’re thrilled with the result. No need to look further than The Refinishing Oracle for high quality work and professional service. Thank you, George!

Susan Powers

I was having my Athol honey oak dining table and 6 chairs stripped down and painted grey. I did alot of research prior to selecting The Refinishing Oracle. One key to the stripping process is they use the flow over method vs. other refinishers dip. This is not recommended as dipping can weaken joints and damage wood. The Refinishing Oracle also uses 2 coats of primer, 4 coats paint and then lacquer. I am very pleased with the outcome of my dining set. It fits perfectly in my new kitchen. Pricing was very reasonable. I would recommend the Refinishing Oracle for your Refinishing projects.

Jemma Stone

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Our handcrafted process encompasses everything from stripping to the ultimate finish, ensuring unmatched durability and the ability to achieve any desired look, from staining to exquisite high gloss lacquer.

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